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1. Return To Player (RTP)?

Return to player percentage, or RTP%, is a measure of returns awarded by a game as a percentage of all bets made. The following table describes the calculated theoretical average Return To Player percentage for each game. These values are the mathematical calculation, based on the game design, including all possible results, and influencing factors such as number of decks, etc, and represent the expected average performance of the game over time. These values are based on historical records, and do not necessarily represent expected future payouts.

Game Type Game RTP
Live Dealer Baccarat 98.75%
Dragon Tiger 98.90%
Roulette 97.30%
Sic Bo 90.63%
RNG Casino Card & Table 96-99%
Progressive Jackpots 93-96%
Winfast - Dragon Win Multiplier 94.66%
Top Spin - Teen Patti 95.00%
Other Slot Games 96-98%